Your Fractional No Code CTO

👋 Hello!My name is Peter and I'm an expert developer (here's my certificate). I was one of the first senior devs at Airdev (top Bubble agency). I have 6,000+ hours of Bubble experience and have worked on over 80 projects. The apps I worked on in 2023 accumulated over 14M page views.I now work with companies built on Bubble as a "fractional CTO"/lead developer to help them scale.

Other companies I've worked with

1. The problem

It's incredibly difficult to find an experienced Bubble developer. Since Bubble is so easy to start, the market has become saturated with inexperienced junior developers who don't know how to properly build secure and scalable apps.

2. What I offer

I will help your company scale. We'll start with an initial audit of your app and get it to a stable point so that you can scale your business and be confident in your security. I'll then work with you as a senior developer / CTO to continue making your app great.Unmatched skills
✓ 3-4x faster than the average Bubble developer
✓ Vast feature development knowledge
✓ Advanced Xano Experience
✓ Advanced Javascript, HTML, and CSS knowledge and can build custom plugins when needed
✓ Will implement software that constantly audits your app's security and back up your DB
✓ Good eye for UI/UX if no designer/mockup is provided

3. Who I work with

I usually work with established businesses (often looking for custom internal tools), startups that have MRR already, or VC funded companies. Exceptions can always be made!

4. How to work with me

1. Schedule a 30 minute consultation so we can talk through your app.

2. If it seems like a good fit, I'll join your team for a fixed monthly price which we'll discuss on the call. We'll get started with an initial audit immediately.